Promo Chemicals d.o.o. is a family based Slovenian trading company, established in 1991. It takes its origin in the Swiss company which has been successfully present on the chemical market for nearly 50 years. Several activities have been entirely passed on to Promo Chemicals d.o.o. Slovenia.

We are specialized in distribution of chemicals used in different industries. Promo Chemicals is the link between respectable chemical producers and chemical users. We are constantly striving to identify and source high quality chemicals. Years of close and dedicated professional partnerships have earned Promo Chemicals a solid reputation. Thanks to this network of close business relationships we became distribution partner and also exclusive distributor of many reputable chemical producers among which is also company Nouryon.  

Promo Chemicals is customer oriented. Our employees have experience with distribution in the chemical market and understand what the customers expect from their supplier. The main goal of the Company is to provide a full service to its clients, and to deliver high quality chemicals to desired destinations in-time. 


 What makes Promo Chemicals a valued partner?

   favicon.ico  Understanding Customer's needs

   favicon.ico  Close relationships with highly reputable

        chemical producers → high quality products

   favicon.ico  Knowledgeable employees

   favicon.ico  Cost efficient and in-time deliveries

   favicon.ico  Flexibility

Promo Chemicals d.o.o.
Železna cesta 16
SLO-1000 Ljubljana
Registration number: 55508355000
Tax number (VAT): SI 61563439
Legal organizational form: Limited liability company
Registered office: Ljubljana, Slovenija
Court/Business register entry date: 12.06.1991